Catching up starting with today

So I feel like I have a lot to catch up- but I'd like to start with today and work backwards. I love Thursdays because Lila doesn't have school on Thursdays and she usually doesn't have any therapies either. Thank God for a free day! So Lila and I got in the car with a very special destination in mind. Unfortunately we had to pull over on the side of the road to wait for this:

And this:

We waited on the side of the road for 30minutes. I wasn't exactly thrilled. Lila, however didn't care. She just sat in the back seat, took her shoes and socks off and ate cheese crackers. But then she got bored with that so she decided to lift up the leg of her pants and hide the crackers there.

Then she'd look for the cracker.

And act all happy when she found it as if she hadn't been the one to hide it!

And we finally reached our destination. Our friends Annette and Haik added another BEAUTIFUL little girl to their family yesterday. We went to see them at the hospital and Lila was so excited to see all of them; especially Roxy and the new baby, Lena Elizabeth.

Lila looking at Baby Lena.

Lila looking at Miss Annette.

Roxy and Lila being silly. Check out Roxy in her "big sister" t-shirt!

It ended up being a great day despite the time-consuming detour. Congratulations Annette and Haik! Lena is beautiful. Hugs to all of you.



  1. Sounds like a fun day especially meeting Lena - she's precious. Happy to hear the news of their little arrival. My best to Annette and Haik too.

  2. Those cracker pictures are hysterical. I love the look on her face when she is holding her "find".

  3. You crack me up! You do an awesome job with this blog, I love it. It makes my day and also keeps me up-to-date with you! Can't wait to see you. I'll be in touch.


  4. Ahhhh I can't wait to hold Lena. She looks so precious.

    Cute pics of Lila and Roxy-Girl too!!

  5. Great pics, and congrats to Annette! Wow, this reminds me of all the drawbacks of using a big camera now--can't just drop it in my purse and pull it out whenever. Those photos in the car are hysterical!