Watch your kids.... or else.......

Who, me? Busted!
Mom- I can explain.
Oh, well- gotta love me!

That's my girl!



  1. But it's SO much fun! LOL She is so cute!

  2. Daily. I do this at least 10 x's a day. Between my 1 year old, and Eva, my kitchen floor is always a mess. This, or the crayons she gets out 20x's a day to color for 3 minutes. Some days I want to pull my hair out. I am not looking for an appropriate disapline that will work for a 3 yr old with DS. I need options. (not because of the pulling things out of cupboards) Because she is always making her little sister cry. She doesn't want her to walk or touch things or even look in the mirror. What do I do.

  3. Have you been taking pics of my house? Say hi to me next time! LOL

  4. She's so adorable how can you possibly tell her she's done something wrong?? Is it wrong? I was just wondering cuz we used to use our tupperware cupboard as a toy cupboard. And a pan with a marble and a spoon as 'helping' in the kitchen. But since she has so many toys maybe this is inappropriate behavior at your house. Whichever, she's sure enjoying herself and guaranteed that cupboard is well organized since you have to keep putting it away.