Fun after the memorial service/wake

This is what happens when old friends get together in the midst of stressful times-much silliness and many laughs!

Singing with REO Speedwagon!
Apparently this gun is loaded- so says the owner.
Disclaimer- I am pointing this gun away from everyone and my hand is NOT on the trigger!
Me and my friend Stacey

The house of many hats!
Look! No hands!
Stacey, Sheila, Helen, Me
Bruce- trying to hear the TV but we won't shutup~
Stacey, Sheila and Me!

These are people that I worked with in Texas for seven years. They become your second family when you spend that much time together. I miss them tremendously. The man in the pictures, Bruce, is my friend Sheila's husband. Bruce used to work with us too but left shortly before I did. Bruce has cancer- but he doesn't let it get him down. He has such a positive attitude- he doesn't complain. He wants to know what's going on with you- he doesn't want the focus to be on him all of the time. When I stayed at their house he got up and made me eggs benedict for breakfast! Awesome!

Just wanted to share some of the fun- the part of the trip where I forgot about the stress for a little while!



  1. You look amazing. But what I want to know is.... how much had you had to drink when you took the pic with the little hat?!?

  2. I hadn't had anything to drink at that point- maybe a couple of sips of wine- that was one of the first pictures we took!