Lila and friends from preschool

I volunteered at Lila's school today. It was my first time to volunteer in the classroom- I have been trying to lay low since a slight misunderstanding at the beginning of the year. That story isn't even worth taking the time to tell as everything worked out and all is well.

Ms.Montes, Gabriel, Mr. Riley and Mason
Ms. Riley- how cute is this kid?
Like mother like daughter?
Jacob working at the craft table
Lila jumping on the 100-year-old trampoline!
Lila and Jacob
Lila & Luke

I e-mailed the parents of Lila's little friends to ask for permission to post their pics on my blog. Thankfully they all said yes. They're too cute! I loved, loved loved helping out in the classroom and can't wait to do it again!



  1. I love it. The hat thing. Think she'll be into shoes, too?? The one of her laughing with Jacob is so cute of her. They are all adorable.

  2. The picture of Lila and Jacob in front of the knocked down bricks made me stop in my tracks. The look on her face and the way she is holding her hands in pure joy looks so much like my Sydney. (okay, with longer hair and a little older). These are precious pictures!