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Two weeks ago when I was in Texas I attended a church with some very special friends. A prayer was read that really impressed me. As soon as I returned to Virginia I sent an e-mail to the pastor of the church requesting a copy of the prayer. I was so excited to find it in my mass of e-mails tonight. : ) I wanted to share it. I love how the lines that are ringing true to me tonight are different than the lines that impressed me during church that morning.

God, during this season of Lent, may we…

Fast from casting judgments about others and feast on the Christ dwelling within them.

Fast from words that poison relationships and feast on phrases that help us reconnect.

Fast from discontent over what we do not have and feast on gratitude for what we do.

Fast from anger toward those we disagree with and feast on patience.

Fast from the worries we have about our situations in life and feast on trusting that God is still with us.

Fast from complaining when things don’t go our way and feast on appreciation.

Fast from bitterness that we’ve buried down deep inside and feast on forgiveness.

Fast from self-concern and feast on compassion for others.

Fast from an attitude of complacency and feast on enthusiasm.

Fast from discouragement when plans fail and life’s unexpected moments happen and feast on hope, a hope that never fails.

God, as we journey together, in these days, toward the cross, in fasting and feasting, may we once again be reminded of the life, death and resurrection of your son, Jesus, who is the Christ, the One in whom we place our hope our faith and our trust.

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  1. That is really good. Thanks for the things to ponder. Would there be a good time to call you today or are you really busy?