Our house...... with edited pic

Some things that have been happening at our house:

Lila's supposed to be taking a nap..........
But she decided to take all of her clothes off instead!


She's taking steps- between 3 and 5 at a time!

Stay tuned for more excitement! (And more naked pictures? Hopefully not!)



  1. Yay on the walking Lila! Please bleep out her little butt ... I'd hate for someone to use this picture in a bad way!! Sorry, I try to be uber cautious. LOL

  2. Congrats to lila on the steps!! Can't wait to see the videos. And at least it looks like the diaper was clean. That's a big plus!! Great pics!

  3. Thanks Bethany- if you can tell me a better way to edit future photos I'd appreciate it.

  4. Too Cute! Way yo go Lila on walking! You're such a big girl! Had to laugh at the naked pic--that is all too familiar.

  5. Way to take those steps Lila!!!! You go girl! I love the pics, to darn cute!!!

  6. Linda - wonderful pictures! I love the look Lila is giving as she's standing starkers. Aidan loves to do that too!

    And, congrats on the walking - yahoo!

  7. WooHoo!!! Go, Lila! I love those pics! I'm very impressed with her dexterity to get her clothes off--I'm struggling with the inclination to ask her to teach Samantha how to do it, but know that that would be a bad thing. LOL
    She's so totally on her way! I knew it would be soon that she'd be walking! Yay!!!!!