Washington Post Magazine Article

I read an article yesterday in the Washington Post Magazine. The article was entited "Fatal Distraction". It was about babies that were forgotten in the car by one of their parents and eventually died. I used to have such strong feelings about this subject. Whenever I heard about one of these children dying at the hands of one of their parents I was instantly disgusted. How in the world could someone forget their own child? I would instantly question their abilities as parents, their dedication to their child, their very character. I never went as far as this person, below, that anonymously (of course) posted a comment to this article.

These people are rightly reviled because they failed so spectacularly at such a basic human function, protecting their own infants. It is bad enough that they choose to continue breathing, much less breeding."

But I definitely judged the negligent person. In addition to feeling sad for them, I judged them. After reading this article, I don't believe I will have the same thoughts or feelings.


It's a long article but worth the read. I'd love to know what you think- even if you totally disagree with me.


P.S. Please don't read this right before you go to bed. It's quite disturbing. Insightful yet disturbing.


  1. Can't read the article yet.. will come back tomorrow.

    Thanks for your sweet comment. I'm really touched.. and encouraged.

  2. I would like to know the stats. How many were on cell phones?? How many of the children had a full time caregiver? Seems so many were child of two working parents where there are just too many things on their minds. So heartbreaking. I can not imagine the pain and would never want to be in their shoes. I could never condemn them and do not think they should be imprisoned. Or have to go on trial. Like they don't have enough pain. And especially if they have other children. They lose a sibling AND a parent??

    I remember the baby who died in the backseat while the parent was talking to the mailman. In the car, with the front window down but it was too hot in the back seat.

    Last week we were in a parking lot and there were four adults standing and talking. Beside one of them was a child, perhaps 18m -20m, with no mittens. It was below 20 degrees. I don't think they realized how quickly skin on a small child freezes. We just get so busy and careless and caught up with what we are doing.

    So sad. So heartbreaking.

  3. Oh I agree 100% and I have said that from day one that this little boy died in Herndon. People so easily get caught up in what they are doing, that they forget the things they shouldn't be forgetting. Sometimes I do wonder how he would not have remembered after going all day at work, but who knows. Clearly he did not mean for this to happen and I think his reaction after the fact tells all of us that.