Anybody have some time to spare?

I would like to wish for more time in a day. I feel like I have so much on my mind that I could blog (a.k.a "vent") for about 3 hours. But that will not be taking place tonight- sleep must be moved up on the priority list. Pictures will have to do. : ) As I was uploading these pictures it hit me- Where's my baby girl? Who is this big girl that took her place?

Coloring with "Sissie"

Sitting at the table with the family....

Helping mom with her "to-do" list and the bills........

Playing at Stella's party with Sophie

Seriously? You shut the gate? I was just about to go exploring!

Pretty girl

Have a fabulous day~



  1. What a pretty girl! She does look a little annoyed about the gate being up, though :)

    Guess what? My grocery store just remodeled and now they have coconut milk yogurt! They must read you blog ;)

  2. She certainly isn't a baby any more but she sure has turned into a beautiful little girl. Your big girl is beautiful, too! I sure miss you guys. Funny cuz for the last three yrs I've been in DC in the spring. I'm missing all the cherry blossoms, Bonapartes, and all the other flowers.

  3. Who needs words with beautiful photos of such pretty girls!!!

  4. Darling photos. You have a beautiful blog.

  5. Great pictures!! Lila is adorable.