Silly pictures..... just because

Samantha and Lila were having a little playdate. It all started out peacefully...... each of them doing their own thing.

But then Lila wanted the book Samantha had.
And Samantha was nice enough to give it to her.

It seemed as if every single time Samantha chose a new book Lila had her eye on it and Samantha knew it! Trouble is brewing............

Samantha has finally had enough and takes matters into her own hands.
"Step back from the book, Lila, or I'm gonna have to smack ya"
Seriously, though (as if I have to explain) that's not what really happened.

By the end of the weekend they had worked it all out and were having tea together.

Lila- striking a pose- even in her sleep!

The camera was on the table- she pointed at it and said her version of "please". I said "Do you want me to take your picture?" She said "uh-huh!" And after I took the picture she wanted to look at it on the little screen.

The big kids being crazy

More pics from the birthday dinner
Lila and Daddy

Lila and Mommy

I asked Lila what she wanted to eat and she's answering "chicken" in sign language. Okay- so most people sign chicken under their arms. Lila chooses to do it behind her head! Wish I would have taken a video so you could hear her saying "bok bok" in a really high-pitched voice!

Hope you have a fabulous day~



  1. I'm so glad you posted these "silly pictures just because."

    I loved seeing Lila and Sammi play together, and a part of me wishes Aidan was in there too. He would love the girls, I just know it!

  2. Oh, yes, please do a video! I would love to hear her. You all look so great and Lila and Samantha are just adorable. I really miss you.

  3. Great pictures. Looks like Sammi and Lila are having wonderful playdates. We have to join you soon!

  4. Love the two little princesses sharing tea (after the mock book brawl!)

  5. I did have a fabulous day but.... I didn't get a reply to my text. Sad.

  6. What a blessing to see these priceless photos today. My favorites are the bedtime "pose" and the chicken pic.

    Love your blog!

  7. Hahahaha!!!! That's hysterical, Linda! I love it. LOL Sorry I didn't see this when you posted it--I'm going through blog withdrawal right now and totally need to get on the ball! I'm glad we got to see each other today and Sammi & Lila got to play together again! This time, it was Samantha taking Lila's hair bow and hogging the toy car. Oh well. :-(

  8. At least they are taking turns at not sharing :)