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Here is a blog entry from one of my blogger friends- I thought it was so sweet that she posted this and I was hoping that we could get more votes for this inspirational mom.

From Beth at hannigans.blogspot.com:

Super Mom!!!

No, it's not me--I'm far from ever winning that title. But my friend Megan Blake is in the running!

Megan is mom to two wonderful children, one of whom has Down syndrome. She lives in Richmond, and has been very active with the local Ds support group here. She always brings a smile wherever she goes (at least, all the places I see her go!).

Megan is also battling breast cancer. Her sweet demeanor belies a warrior's strength.

Megan has been nominated for Richmondmom.com's 1st ever "Super Mom" contest! I'm really hoping that she'll win. She says, "There are cool prizes (which she deserves), and I can squeeze in some Down syndrome advocacy to boot...very cool!"

Anyone (and EVERYONE) can vote for Megan. It's quick and easy, though it requires your name and address, as well as an email. I can't vouch for what marketing might result in this info--I used my "alternate" gmail address, and so far, no spam.

Here's the link to vote:

http://www.richmondmom.com/ Follow the link for Supermom '09. Nominees are listed in alphabetical order by name...and there are a lot!

Winners are chosen by the most votes, so don't forget to have your husbands and kids vote, and please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested!!!! Voting ends April 26, winner announced April 27!

Thanks everyone!!!

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