Read at your own risk- the dangers of soy

I have had e-mails and facebook messages asking about the soy information so I thought this was the best way to share it. As I said in an earlier post, you can find evidence/information on the internet to support anything you want to believe. Here is a link to a website about the dangers of soy. LOTS of information- you can get lost in this website but towards the bottom is the information for kids. One of the most worrisome issues for kids with DS is how soy affects thyroid function. As kids with DS are prone to thyroid issues, and I've had hypothyroidism since the age of 17, it wasn't something I wanted to risk with Lila.

Here's the link. It may be a little "over the top" for you- if so, there are tons of other websites on the internet that discuss the negative side effects of soy.

Hope you find the infomation useful!


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  1. I haven't checked out the link but have been through a soy experience with Nate. After we went through a year of lymphnode issues - going as far as removing nodes from his neck and doing a biopsy - it was discovered that he had a delayed allergic reaction to not only dairy but soy. And he was drinking many cups of soy milk a day. His nutritionist gave us information from the book "The Whole Soy Story". It's very interesting....