Lila and I just had a conversation......

Lila has to sit up for 30 minutes after her meals (reflux). After she ate dinner I had to clean the kitchen so I moved her high chair into the living room and put her Elmo video on for her. She said, "No, mama. No melmo." I said "You don't want Elmo?" She said, "No, mama, baby." She started making the sign for baby and pointing to her watch (which is apparently on her shoulder) for "time." I said, "Oh, you want to watch Baby Signing Time?" And she said, "Yes, mama."

Oh man I'm excited.

Celebrating the small things~



  1. Wow - that's amazing! Go Lila!

  2. You should be excited! That's awesome!!

  3. Wow! So cool! Way to go, Lila. Grandma and Grandpa are going to be so excited to see her and all her new accomplishments. They will be excited to see the rest of you, too. I'm sure.

  4. What a small world!!! I met you sister last night at a friend's graduation. I knew she lived in Texas but didn't know in my home town! We also know that we know each other from somewhere but can't think where. Could it be church? Does she go to TBC?

  5. I met Brenda! And we were familiar to each other but still can't figure out how we know each other. Does she or did she work?
    I was raised in Belton, now I live near Austin.
    I had my daughter Tawni (DS) with me and she was playing with her and she told me she had a niece in Virginia and mentioned her name was Lila and I just smiled, I knew who Lila was, and I told her that I liked to read your blog!

  6. I bring you my favorite quote, by an autism mom in a wonderful letter to autism speaks a while back:

    "We must pray for miracles, work like crazy for miracles, expect and demand miracles, and for goodness sake, we must see them for what they are when they happen."

    sure sounds miraculous to me

    p.s. my older daughter called elmo melmo for years!

  7. How awesome, Lila!!! You go with those multi-word sentences!!!!!!!!

  8. That is awesome, Linda! VERY exciting! We are proud of Lila! And thankful to God for his work in her sweet life! Love you all!