Reality Monday

I took it easy yesterday and I'll be making up for it today. This house looks like a tornado went through it! My in-laws will be here in about 7 hours so I should get to work. : )

I got a message from an acquaintance this morning. Her daughter has DS and is about a year younger than Lila. She started walking over the weekend. YAY! Good for them. I'm happy for them. Really. I'm just SOOOOOO ready for Lila to walk. She'll be 3 in September. I know that people don't mean any harm when they get that confused look on their face after I tell them that Lila is 2 1/2 and not walking yet. The next thing that usually comes out of their mouth is to ask if we have taken her to physical therapy. Sometimes I am so tempted to say "NO! Do you think we should?"

It will happen. When she's ready. I hope it's soon!




  1. Our children with DS do everything in their own time and you don't need to feel bad when people act surprised that she's not walking yet. My Ricky has a twin sister so I really saw the gap between what she was doing and what he wasn't yet able to do! And of course, as a girl, she did everything early. She was potty trained by 2 and I thought he would NEVER be, but at 4 1/2 he finally got it! He's 7 now and there is a boy with DS in his 1st grade class that is still not potty trained.

    There will be milestones that Lila will accomplish before others. Walking will come when she's ready...I bet it won't be long now!


  2. Raeleigh was 34 months old when she started walking. I totally understand the confused look you are talking about! I waited and waited for her to walk and it was sooo awesome when she did. It's something you will never take for granted...but sometimes I beg Raeleigh to sit still! LOL She will do it when she's ready...and as much as I got tired of hearing that I know that it's true! (((HUGS)))

  3. I know exactly how you feel. My Liliana is almost one and she doesn't even sit up yet. I get those strange looks from people when I tell them her age. Part of me wants to lie and say she is only 6 months old instead of 11 months, but I just tell them the truth. It's very hard to accept that our kids won't do things the same as other children but we have to remain positive and know that they will do it when they are ready. Don't let people's comments get you down. You are a great mom and I'm glad you had a relaxing Mother's Day! Good luck getting your house in order. I know how that goes.

  4. I too know how you feel! Kennedy didn't start walking until right after she turned 3. Seemed like EVERYONE was ahead of her, even her peers with Ds! She'll get there and then you'll be telling to to "sit down!" hahaha

  5. Haha, I think you should definitely use that line, and then after they get all flabbergasted then tell them of COURSE you have her in PT, and then they'll feel really dumb. Because it should always be our goal to try and make people feel dumb... wait...

    (although sometimes with some people it can be so satisfying, but maybe that's just because I'm a bad person)

  6. All things are in God's time. Your daughter is here to glorify God. In God's economy, when she walks is irrelevant. You just keep on a-walkin' with God, girl. You and the sweet girl of yours ...

    Blessings to you, dear one.

  7. Linda, Lila is soooooooo right there!!! She's so close to walking full-time now, but I know every day probably feels like an eternity. She'll get there!!!