Better today

Lila's better today- thanks for all of the comments, facebook comments and text messages. We held off on giving her the Tylenol with codeine- any drug that makes other people go to sleep wakes Lila up. She needed the codeine for pain relief, though, so we have been giving it to her. (She goes to sleep eventually but she's usually pretty hyped up for about 45 minutes after she has the codeine.) It seems to be working as she only slept for 55 minutes yesterday afternoon- with regular Tylenol- and slept for almost 3 hours today. It's working much better for pain management. Long explanation, huh?

She's still not eating much at all but she's taking in plenty of fluids so she'll be fine. She's already lost some weight but I'm sure she'll gain it all right back. We are all very relieved that she's feeling better. Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes.




  1. So glad she's doing better and I pray she's fully recovered very soon. Like tomorrow!!!

  2. I hope Lila continues to feel better and heal. She looked so tired in your other post. Love the new blog header!

  3. Poor thing. I hope that she is feeling better. Hang in there. It will be worth it!