Playing Catch-up

A couple of weeks ago Lila and I participated in our local Relay for Life. Our team, Junior Women's Club of Loudoun, walked to honor our president, Rebecca, who is a thyroid cancer survivor. Lila and I walked to honor two of my sisters along with our friends Bruce and Mr. Pallister. We also walked to remember my Aunt Lois and our friend Dave. This was my first Relay and I was amazed at how touching it was. They opened the walk by gathering all of the survivors in front of the main stage. The national anthem was sung, the pledge of allegiance was said, and then the survivors did a lap around the track. The survivors, in a sea of purple t-shirts, carrying their carnations, made quite a sight. I felt like I was watching a private moment in a group setting as they walked victoriously around that track. Thankful to be there. Proud to be wearing the purple survivor shirts. An amazing experience that I hope to repeat every year.

Our president, Rebecca

The theme of our team:
No sock hop is complete without poodle skirts. I was attending the relay straight from a birthday party so I had shorts on. Lucky for me.......... there were extra poodle skirts to be had! Did I mention that it was hotter than, um, should I say blazes that day? Very hot. Nothing like a poodle skirt that's 3 sizes too big on a warm summer day. : )

My friend Pam and me- she organized the event

Lila's babysitting- well she thought she was!

Lila's all business as she "mans" the money table.

Could you excuse me a moment? I need to adjust my shades.

Okay, that's much better.
Honoring the survivors, remembering the fighters~



  1. Love the sunglasses! Glad you guys had fun!

  2. The shades were hilarious, especially the subtitles! And the skirt is so attractive. So you!!

  3. I am glad that you got to participate in the run. Those events are so touching!! Miss Lila look ADORABLE!!! My Syd won't wear glasses at all. No picture ops here.