How about that?

We had a really good day. We didn't oversleep, morning traffic wasn't that bad and the schedule at the surgery center was running right on time. Everyone that we came in contact with was very nice. I got to walk Lila back into the procedure room and stay with her until she was sleeping. When she woke up she didn't cry like all of the other kids did. (Sometimes I wonder if she feels pain the same way other people do.) She was a little bit cranky after we brought her home but nothing like I expected her to be. She ate really well, too. She had 5 popsicles, applesauce, yogurt, avocado, cheese and blueberries. She loves to eat and a sore throat isn't stopping her.

Keeping Lila quiet/still isn't working. At all. She did pretty well most of the day- she'd try to get down and crawl around but then somebody would distract her with a book, puzzle or game. After dinner she decided enough was enough. She was sitting on the floor, rolling a soccer ball to anyone that would roll it back. And, of course, we all did. All of a sudden she stood up and rolled the ball. Then she picked the ball up, squatted down and rolled it again. Then she stood back up, rolled the ball and started walking toward it. She did that about 7 times- that's the most she has ever walked! She was having such a good time. She's moving very gingerly, but she wants to move. And what's with the new walking routine? Hey, kid, you just had your tonsils and adenoids out- shouldn't you be convalescing? No worries, everyone- someone is always right there beside her in case she gets a little too ambitious. It's wonderful to have my parents here- they are always such a big help and are a great source of peace and reassurance.

The doctor called this afternoon to check on Lila. He assured me that she will get worse. I hope he's wrong. I'll let you know.




  1. Oh, too funny that the day she has surgery she catapults forward with a milestone like walking. LOL Can't stop Miss Lila! I sure hope she doesn't get worse before she gets better, and hope she has a good night tonight.

  2. Happy to hear she is doing well. I was saying a prayer for her all day. Yeah on the walking!! So very cool. I hope she has a very speedy recovery.

  3. Hooray on the walking and recovery!! Some days are just smooth like that - I think they're handed out on special days like this one!

  4. I hope she continues to do well! I think they say it gets worse, but I can't remember at which day. That did happen with P. Praying it doesn't with L!