Thanks for praying!

Lila is home and doing pretty well. The procedure went very quickly and without any problems. We are so thankful! She only cried once in the recovery room and that's because she was mad at the nurse for holding her arm still when the I.V. was taken out.

Thanks, everyone, for your prayers and well wishes. It seems that the most challenging part will be keeping her quiet for the required 2 weeks. Does that seem like a long time to anyone else?

Blessed to be her mama~



  1. Yes, it seems a VERY long time. Good luck with that. Quiet voice wise or activity wise? I don't remember having to do that with mine.

  2. Glad to hear things are going O.K. Praying for God's healing hands to continue their work.

    And Linda, your banner is beautiful. Love it.

  3. Oh my. Two weeks??? God Lord, Carly is way to busy to stay quiet for 2 weeks.
    Wishing you luck to keep Lila quiet.