If you can't say something nice.........

You know that line in the movie Steel Magnolias, "If you don't have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit by me!" hahahahahaha

I absolutely love that movie and I love that line. It is funny, after all. Except when the person "not saying something nice" is talking about your kid. Last week Lila and I were at a playground that's right outside of Starbucks. Lila and I were having a picnic lunch after we played. There were 2 women sitting at a table nearby that had been watching us since we arrived. As we were eating one of them asked me, "Does she have Down Syndrome?" I couldn't really get a feel for where that question was heading so I answered in a cheerful voice, "Yes, she does." The response to that? "It looks like it." While it wasn't really a rude comment it sure did smart.

This kid that looks like she has Down Syndrome, uh, because she does have Down Syndrome, is the light of my life. She's bright, sensitive, funny, feisty, adorable, lovable and full of joy. Your loss, my dear, your loss.

Proud to be her mama~



  1. What is WRONG with people??!! She looks like it? What is that supposed to mean? Are you an ignorant fool because you SOUND like one...I wonder what she would have said to that. (lol)
    Light of your life...you got that right!

  2. I hear ya. I honestly think there are some really dumb people out there who just don't know any better than to open their mouths and run them for no good reason. GRRR...

    My cousin has a son with Ds. He is now 13yrs old. When he was a toddler, he was shopping with his mom and grandma. He was sitting in the cart. Two women walked up to my cousin and her mother and said, "Oh, we're so sorry for you. You know, about him. I had one, but he died as an infant."
    My cousin was quick to say, "You're sorry? Well we aren't. Sorry you lost your child." and then walked away for the women.

    I just couldn't believe it when she told me that story. Some people just dont have a clue.

  3. Oh Lord...the ignorance that just seeps out of the people around here is just incredible...

    You should have said what Jill suggested...

  4. Yeah, that would have been a great line Jill had. But then you would have been lowering yourself to their level so better we all think it than say it! Obviously it was true. Clueless. Amazing how people can be so totally careless and inconsiderate in what they say. If they just took a second to think....

    But I do love that line from Steel Magnolias. Every time I hear it I think of you. And I remember you texting it to me one day, out of the blue, when I really needed a laugh and you didn't even know it! I love you!

  5. 'so do you have a complete and utter lack of sensitivity? because it sure does look like it.'

    i'm so sorry you had to encounter that kind of idiocy. but you couldn't be more right - HER LOSS.


  6. you got to be kidding me??? people can be so rude.. i just dont understand why some just cant get it!! urg... sorry it happened. she is beautiful!

  7. I am just amazed by what people say! Bennett is just 7 weeks so we haven't gotten any comments like that and I just can't imagine what I will do when we do get those comments. I'm hoping we don't because seriously, I feel like I may have a hard time holding back! I would never ask anyone something like that, even if I was dying to know and then to say "looks like it"- you have got to be kidding me. Your daughter is adorable and that's what I would say if I saw her even before I knew about Bennett.

  8. Funny, but I find it hard to see Down syndrome anymore. Like a visor has come down over my eyes. . . not sure if that's a good thing, but that's the way it is for me right now.