3 day weekends

Long weekends really mess with my mind. All day yesterday I was thinking that today was Monday. When I looked at Tiffani's schedule for today, I looked at Monday's schedule. I planned my entire week with tomorrow being Tuesday. It's not. It's Wednesday. I was laying down with Lila a few minutes ago, mentally going over my plans for the week and it hit me. My eyes flew open. Yikes! Tomorrow is Wednesday! I do Meals on Wheels on Wednesdays!

I'm so glad I realized that before it was too late. I would have felt like total crap if I missed doing my route tomorrow. I love love love the people on my route. Did I mention that I love them? Seriously. My favorite, even though I try not to pick favorites, is a man that's the second house on my route. I can't give his name or even the name of his street, so for now I will call him the man in the second house on my route. It's actually a couple that lives in the house, but I've never seen the woman. Every Wednesday this man, who spends his days caring for his wife who has dementia, answers the door with a smile. He has the kindest blue eyes- they remind me of my dad's eyes. We talk about the weather, current events, and what he's having for lunch that day. I can't stay long, because I have to monitor the temperatures of the rest of the meals that are waiting in the car. But I'd like to. I'd love to ask him about his wife, and how they met. He's a WWII vet, and he received a purple heart in the war. (I know that because it's on his license plate.) I'd like to ask him about that too. What act of heroism was done to merit that distinguished honor? I wish I knew the answers to those questions. For now, I have the privilege of delivering lunch on Wednesdays for him and his wife. And that makes my heart happy.



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