A text from Tif

I just got a text from Tif:

Just passed a group of students that have Down Syndrome. I love it!

My response- I love it too!

A group of students with Down Syndrome attending college. That's awesome. It makes me sad that people with DS were not given a chance to thrive in the past. I'm so thankful that things have changed.




  1. just think of all of the doors that will be opened for our children in years to come thanks to the generation of college students who are paving the way!

  2. We had dinner out Mon eve and a couple with their son who has DS were sitting at the next table. He was the oldest person with DS I've ever seen. Hard to judge age but he had wrinkles and gray hair. They were wearing jeans and T-shirts he was in a suit with his hair just right.

    Jaralei and I commented how there probably weren't any programs or benefits for them when he was young. I'm glad things have changed and will continue to improve with all the hard work for the DS community now adays.

    So cool about the college students!!! I'm thankful you and Nick are giving Lila all the opportunities you can and are always working with her to be all she can be.

  3. AMEN Linda!! Thank God that the past is the past and that what we have now is so much better than what was. Our little angels will have so many wonderful opportunities to be all they can be...with us right behind them cheering them on!

    I LOVE your blog!! Lila is so beautiful and such a sweetie pie! Squeeze her for me and make sure she squeeze you back for me too...we sure miss you girls!