Back to back playdates

The schools in our county and some neighboring counties were closed yesterday and today. Our local Down Syndrome support group scheduled a couple of playdates to get the kids (and moms) together. We had so much fun! The weather was beautiful, which made it especially nice for our outdoor playdate on Monday.

Here's a picture of Lila rockin' the stairs to the slide

3 weeks ago I had to follow her around because she was too scared to continue what she had started- like sitting at the top of the slide, holding up the line, refusing to go down.

That is no longer an issue, apparently.

Now she just needs to learn some "slide etiquette" if you will. Poor Riley.

Today, we had the pleasure of enjoying the gym at a local therapy center. One of our moms set the whole thing up. The therapy center, Kidazzles, allowed us to use their gym free of charge. People were asked to give a donation and we ended up raising $183 to go toward our local Buddy Walk, which is fantastic. What a great group of moms and kids we have. It's awesome.

Roxy and Lila are trying to wake Roxy's little sister, Lena, up from her nap.

3 little cuties in a boat

Lila and Olivia under the parachute

Riley playing with one of the hula hoops. Caught him smiling!


More friends

Everyone was having a good time!

Cyndy and Mackenzie having fun with the hula hoops!

And after a very long day, Lila was too stimulated to take a nap. I held her for an hour, and she really tried to go to sleep, but wasn't able to. I put her in bed, hoping she would finally give up and take a nap. It didn't happen. Instead, she broke her mobile in 3 pieces and threw everything out of her crib.

She was too big for a mobile anyway.

Red, puffy eyes from no sleep. That doesn't stop her from smiling, though!

Thank you , Lord, for a great support group and wonderful friends. We are so blessed.




  1. Wow! What great play dates... and pics!! Thanks for sharing.

    I like the one of Lila and Roxy trying to wake up Lena. Their hair looks so much alike in length and with the lovely waves but so strikingly different in color. So beautiful.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day. Too bad about the mobile though:) Great that you have such a good support group.

  3. I agree...thank you Lord! What we have is a rarity!

  4. That is awesome! Lila looks like she had a blast! You are very lucky to have such great support!

  5. Sammi missed you all this week! :-(
    Yikes about the mobile. I guess she told you!

  6. Looks like a fun play date! you guys are so lucky that you have such an active support group there!