12 Days of Giving- Day 3- Prayer

I was going to post about a few things I did today that related to giving. I decided that today, they weren't important enough to mention.

Today the most important gift I have given is prayer. Prayer for 2 friends, that are in very different, but very heartbreaking situations.

A friend of mine from high school was told by her husband this week that their marriage is over. They have been married over 20 years and have 3 kids. She is heartbroken, the kids are a wreck. My heart just breaks for this family. I am familiar with divorce and know personally that the effects are far-reaching. Please say a prayer for my friend and her family.

Another friend of mine was admitted into the hospital in the middle of the night last night- she is 23 weeks pregnant. The baby stopped growing about 3 weeks ago- and short of a miracle will not survive. My friend's health is failing- her kidneys are shutting down, and there are other issues. The story is not mine to tell and I hesitate to share many details. I will say that it is a very grave situation. Please say a prayer for their family as the next few days will be very difficult for them. Say a prayer for her health, and for their broken hearts.



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  1. Prayer is a powerful way to give Lady. Thanks for pointing out the different ways we can give!

    I will be praying for both families for sure.

    I Love you Mom.

  2. I will be praying for both families also! I love your "giving" posts!! :)

  3. While you know I'm not a "prayer" kind of person, my thoughts certainly go out to your friends. Those two situations are just so tragic.

  4. I think prayer is the best gift of all.