Twelve Days of Giving- Day 2

The blessings were flowing today! It was a crazy day, with an observation in Lila's classroom at 9:30 am, which went very well, then making macaroni and cheese with Lila for lunch~ pictures to be published soon~ a parent-teacher conference at 2:00 pm, speech therapy at 5:00 pm, and my women's club board meeting at 7:30 p.m. Not to mention the fact that I just wrote the most amazing run-on sentence ever! LOL It's been a busy day.

I didn't have time for any deep thoughts like yesterday! (Ha Ha) But I am very fortunate to have passed along the following blessings:

Making brownies for the ladies in the office at Lila's school.

Buying boots for Lila's caregiver, the single mom. ( I have never asked her if it's ok to mention her in my blog, so I'm not calling her by name here.)

I have a thing for helping single moms, they are very near and dear to my heart! When I asked her what she wanted for Christmas she asked for a pair of boots- she was half-joking but I could tell she really wanted them. I finally got her shoe size and was able to pick them up for her today. I hated to give them to her early, but I wanted to make sure they fit her. With return policies becoming more strict, I thought it might turn into a big ordeal if she had to return/exchange them, so I gave them to her. She absolutely loved them and was so appreciative. And they fit. YAY!

Oh, yeah, I also let Tiffani borrow my umbrella, which left me without one, and it was pouring outside. Does that count? Maybe I should have saved that one for tomorrow. LOL

I'm excited about Day 3- I have absolutely no idea what I will do, but the possibilities are endless.



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  1. Way to go. I am amazed at all that you are doing. With all of those appointments and making brownies and buying boots. What's your secret?:) Thanks for sharing. That is awesome what you did for the mom.

  2. Is this the single mom that was there when I was? So cool.

    And just a suggestion but maybe you could get Tiffani an umbrella for Christmas?!

    I absolutely can NOT imagine why you have such a heart for single moms. No idea. Really.

    I love you and love how you are paying it forward.

  3. The use of that umbrella yestderday was VERY much appreciated lady. :)