Lila's Birthday Party

Lila's birthday party was in September and I'm just now getting around to posting the pictures. It's true.

A little benefit of having the flu. I have plenty of "downtime" right now. Moving right along~

Lila's birthday happens to come around at a great time of year~ the weather is usually not too hot, not too cold. The weather for Lila's 3rd birthday party was absolutely beautiful. (It's a good thing, as we rented a pavilion at a local park and didn't really have a good back-up plan.)

Night before "prep" work was a family affair!

Personalized "boy" goody bags

Personalized "girl" goody bags

The day of the party, it was all-hands-on-deck. Thankfully, Nick's parents, Mema and Poppy, were here and really helped a lot. Poppy and Justin picked up the helium balloons. Justin dropped Tiffani and Maggie off at the park pavilion to start decorating. Justin went over to parks and recreation to pick up the pavilion permit, then headed back over to the pavilion to help decorate. Poppy picked up the food order at Wegmans while Mema, Nick and I worked together to prepare the rest of the food at home. It took 4 vehicles to bring everything to the park. Gotta love teamwork!

Maggie & Tif working against the wind

Thank goodness for balloon weights!

Justin battles the balloons

Lila greeting the first guests

Lila & Mema playing

Some of our friends

More friends!

Ashley & Pat




Lila blowing out the candles with Daddy
While her friend Cora looks on

Lila & Cora enjoying their cake!

Apparently Lila didn't have enough so Cody shared his cake with her!
Pink & Brown!

Very happy Birthday girl!

My 3 beautiful kids!

Lila & Justin

The gift table
Everyone helped clean up~ even the birthday girl!

Thanks to everyone for sharing Lila's birthday with us! We had a great day!


Linda & Lila


  1. LOL - you crack me up. You coulda used a little photoshop on the fat chick holding that little girl.

  2. Happy birthday, Lila! Great pictures, Linda!

    And for Bethany, didn't they teach you in your photography class that the camera adds pounds? (that's my excuse anyway).

  3. GORGEOUS pictures, GORGEOUS girl.

    happy birthday, Lila (and congratulations, Mama)