Music Class

We've completed our second week of music class, Music With Maddy, and Lila loves it! It is a Special Needs/Typical class, but most of the kids in the class are "differently abled". All of the kids (and adults) seem to have a great time.

These are not the greatest pictures, but they still show how much fun the kids are having!

Lila rockin' out with her shakers!

Nika getting into the music

Roxy taking after her daddy the musician!

Lila doing her own thing!

Look at that face- she's concentrating so hard!

At the end of the class, Miss Maddy lets the kids play her guitar if they want to. Lila was so funny last week. She started strumming the guitar, then started singing a song I didn't recognize.

Whatever she was singing, she was into it!

Still singing.......
There are 8 more classes in this session. Hopefully there will be many more music classes in our future.


Linda & Lila


  1. Oh my goodness... can I just tell how how GORGEOUS your sweetie is!? (not that you weren't aware!) We do music class here when we can once a week too! Justin loves getting a hold of the shakers!

  2. What fun! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. I love those pics with the guitar.

  3. That is fantastic! Lila looks so cute playing the instruments!

  4. Looks like she's having a blast in music class!