Today I wait. I'm not good at waiting.

On November 30th I wrote this post about my lovely MRI experience. During that MRI they found that a suspicious group of cells in my left breast that they saw in my previous MRI, 6 months before, had changed. They sent me for an ultrasound to get a different look.

On December 17th I had an ultrasound. The ultrasound revealed a solid nodule. The radiologist recommended a needle biopsy. I did a bit of research on "solid nodules" and found out that approximately 76% are found to be benign, and 24% malignant.

On December 23rd, my primary care physician called and recommended that I consult with a surgeon about everything. They recommended a local surgeon. The cool thing at this point is that a relatively new friend of mine had recently recommended the same surgeon to me at a Christmas party.

Fast forward. Past the holidays. The day after Lila got out of the hospital, January 4th, Nick and I went to see the surgeon. After reviewing the films and reports, she thought it would be better to start with a needle biopsy and go from there.

Yesterday I went for the needle biopsy. Not fun but not awful.

The tech brought me back to my dressing room and after I put my gown on I didn't want to come out! Not sure why, but I was so nervous. I hung my sweater up on the hanger that was provided. Then my scarf. Then my necklace on top of my scarf. Then I straightened the scarf and the necklace so it looked really nice on the hanger.

Really? Pathetic. I was stalling.

The tech stood outside, calling my name. "Linda?"

"I'll be right there!" I answered. And straightened my scarf one more time. Seriously. I was shaking.

I'm not sure why I was being such a wimp. They actually numb the biopsy area, and I knew that. I've had a biopsy of my uterus, which pretty much hurts like fire and there's nothing they can do to numb that area. I've also had an amnio, with nothing to numb the area.

I gave myself a little pep talk and opened the curtain, following the tech into the procedure room.

The doctor came in and introduced herself. She was pretty young. Not too young, but young enough to have a steady hand. Good. I liked her immediately.

She had to make 2 incisions instead of 1 in order to get a good enough angle to obtain 4 samples. There was quite a bit of pushing because of the density of my breasts. She told me there would be quite a bit of pain and bruising because of this. She was right!

Last night I took it easy, as the post-procedure sheet instructed. BORING. I can't sit still for too long, so I was relieved when it was 10 p.m. and I could go to bed. Crazy, I know. In that respect I'm just like my dad. His name is Don, and my husband calls me "Don Jr."

Blah, blah, blah. I'm sick of talking about this, can you tell? Yesterday I had quite a few people message me asking why they hadn't heard that I was having a biopsy done. Quite frankly- I'd rather talk about something else. Anything else. Not to be flippant, but I have more important things to talk about. Like Lila's progress, which I will be blogging about after this. Why not? I'm supposed to take it easy again today. Tomorrow I will be back in business! haha

I should have the results of the biopsy by tomorrow or the next day. I am really not worried. I have total peace in my heart, which is a beautiful thing and I'm so thankful for it. I don't have a feeling on whether or not it is cancer, but even if it is I feel like everything will be fine in the end.

So, there's the update. Not very exciting, but part of life.

And just to be silly, here's a picture Tif took of me after I came home. Texting and holding my frozen veggies close.




  1. I will keep you in my prayers! I love your positive outlook!

  2. Your post just put a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. You are right, everything will be fine. You are awesome, my friend. Keeping you in my thoughts and in my prayers.

  3. Thinking about you and praying for you!

  4. Um, the frozen veges usually work better CLOSER to the skin. Crazy Don. That's what I'm gonna call you.

  5. Prayers coming your way.

    And, ah, you DID throw those veggies out after you were done, didn't you? :)

  6. Glad to hear all went well for the test. Keeping you in my prayers. I gotta say that I love the pic of you with the pack on your chest and phone in your hand. That says so much.:) Love it. I love the sence of faith that you have, I think it's amazing.

  7. You know I'm on edge with ya. And I had to giggle imagining you in the dressing room, straightening everything and not wanting to come out. Love you lady.