Lila's first Special Olympics event

Lila went to her very first Special Olympic event today. She is now a Special Olympics Young Athlete. We had so much fun!

She had so much fun.

Lila showing off her skills doing the ring toss.

Playing basketball

She's thrilled that she made a basket!

Lila and one of the many awesome volunteers.

She loved it!

Listening intently while the bean bag/ball toss was being explained.

Having so much fun!

We have to leave already, Mom?

So tired after having such a wonderful time!

I'm so glad we decided to sign Lila up for Young Athletes. Can't wait until the next event!


Linda & Lila


  1. That is wonderful! It looks like she really enjoyed herself! How do you get into these Little Special Olympics? I want Justin involved like that someday!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Linda - it looked like an amazing day!

  3. You got some good pictures mom! I love her little shirt too :)

  4. Looks like Lila had a great time!! Next time we need to take Ashley!!

  5. What a cutie! She's SO grownup!! Can't wait to see you guys this week. Love you!

  6. Yay! That is so exciting! I just got information about our local Young Athlete Program (even though Colin won't be using it just yet) but we are signing up to get the equipment and get him started as soon as possible! She looks super cute participating!

  7. how fun is that! I so wish there were a Young Athletes program here!

  8. that really looks like fun! your daughter is a real cutie! my daughter livia is almost 4 and would love such an event...i'll have to see what's going on around here.