Our little Valentine

Lila loved Valentine's Day this year. "Happy Balentymes Day!" She loved saying that so much, she just kept saying it over and over. She had two Valentine's Day parties, at each of her schools, and she wore the same shirt both days. Different undershirts and different pants, but the same "LOVE" shirt. Shhhhhhhh..................

She loved handing out the Valentines that we made for her friends.

After school, we had a fabulous gluten free lunch (LOL) then headed out to dance cwass later that afternoon. Lila wore our favorite tutu and brought flowers for Miss Kristen, her teacher.

After ballet, we headed home and Daddy met us there. With flowers in hand.

Mommy got flowers too, so she was happy.

Daddy got cards and seafood linguine, so he was happy.

The End.


  1. I found your blog through another blog. I teared up a little reading this post. Your daughter looks alot the image I have of my Eslea (who is only 5 months right now). I so look forward to when Eslea is in dance and making paper hearts. I love it. Your Lila is beautiful.

  2. Hello Miss Linda. Wow, we had no idea Miss Lila and all of you were having such a challenging time. You are already in our thoughts and prayers, but now extra prayers are coming your way. Give Lila a big hug and smooch from us. Hopefully we will see you guys soon.

  3. Love, LOVE the pictures of Lila in ballet (Be still my Ballet teacher heart)! Even though Elijah is a boy and there are no boys in ballet at our studio...and there are no kids with Ds either, I can't wait until he's old enough to toddle around the studio. I just know he'll love it! And speaking of LOVE...I LOVED meeting you and getting to hang out while you were in LA. I am a fan. A Linda fan, if you will. oxox