We had a fabulous weekend.  The weather was beautiful so we scurried around inside to take care of our "house stuff" so we could go outside and soak up the sun.


Lila played ring around the rosie with her monkey while she waited.  We all fall down!

We went to the park, then to get ice cream.  Well, actually Lila and Daddy had ice cream.   Mommy had a sample size spoon of coffee ice cream- just enough to satisfy that little craving.  I think Weight Watchers would approve.  HaHa

Baby knees- is there anything better? I know Lila's not a baby- but her knees still have those cute little baby dimples.

Playing ball with Daddy- she's checking out how far she hit the ball.

Flashing those baby blues.................

As for Miss Lila's health, we saw the hematologist on Friday.  It looks like Lila will need to have IVIG treatments for a while.  She will be receiving one 4-hour treatment once a month.  After six months we will reconvene to take another look at everything.  For more info on IVIG treatments,   If anyone has experience with IVIG treatments, will you please send me a private message?  I've done quite a bit of research but I have a few questions.  My email address is  Thanks!

Happy Monday..........


P.S.  Anyone have any tips on the new blogger editor?  I'm having a hard time figuring it out.  (No shock there. ) I can't get my spacing right, and I had about 6 more pictures for this post but blogger kept rotating them.  I couldn't figure out how to correct that.


  1. LOL! What do you need help with dear? And um yeah, you need a new header. :) Love the pics ... I'm so glad you finally have a camera! LOL!

  2. Love the ring around the rosie and the dimples in the knees. She is getting so tall! I can't believe how much taller she seems than just a few weeks ago.

    Also love this shade of red.

    And you!

  3. Hi Linda,

    Your blog is beautiful...thanks so much for sharing your life with us. I also have a little girl with Down syndrome. She'll be one on April 8th. Lila seems to be doing so well. I have some questions for you. If you have some time, could you send me an e-mail so that I can reach you? Thanks!! Julie

  4. Hi I am new to your blog and want to let you know your daughter is BEAUTIFUL which im sure you already know :)

    My daughter was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome where she is missing chromosome 7. It is 1 in every 10,000 births and so it makes it hard to find people to relate to. But I find inspiration in you