The Good Stuff

Some of the good stuff that's been happening at our house...........

A beautiful day walking for a good cause- March for Babies.  As Lila was in the NICU for 7 1/2 weeks, March of Dimes is very important to our family.  We walked with the team from my women's club.  One of our members has a very personal connection to March of Dimes  and we walked in support of her and her husband.

Lila had a great time!

The very first strawberry in our garden.

Helping Daddy with the garden

 Playing with babies.

Italian Ice on a hot day

Playing Zingo with Mama on a rainy day

Justin and Maggie stopping by for a brief visit.
(Psssttt......we are waiting for Tiffani's visit!  hint, hint)

An inclusion "Walk and Roll"  promoting awareness and acceptance of all people with abilities!

Where Lila was making sure she was acting like one of the big girls.  So cute.

She agreed to get her face painted- first time ever!   She is so proud of herself in this picture. 




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  2. I don't get it. What post has been removed?

    Anyway, glad this one wasn't removed and LOVE the pics!! And so happy for the good stuff.

    Praying for tomorrow.

  3. I am loving the pics! Sweet Lila is absolutely beautiful--I love the one where she is with the "big" girls :-)

  4. I love this blog post mama! I love to see the random happenings of your days. I so so miss you guys. I'll work on that visit!

    Love you!

  5. Precious photos! I only know Lila through these months (and now years, I think) of knowing each other through blogging. But I can see how she is getting so big, and just continues to radiate beauty! Love that picture of her being one of the "big girls." :)

    - Jennifer @