Twice in one day.

I hardly ever blog, much less post twice in one day, simply because I don't have that much free time on my hands.  Today the little girl who NEVER falls asleep in the car and has given up her naps fell asleep in the car.   On another day that might make me worry but not today.   She is scheduled for her next IVIG treatment on Thursday so we're getting close.  All the research I've done shows that kids usually have a pretty drastic drop-off in energy as they are getting close to their next treatment.  Hopefully that is the reason for the mid-day nap.   Check her out- she's such a sassy sleeper!

 While she was napping I put together her end-of-the-year gifts for her private preschool teachers.  I can't take credit for the idea as I got it off of our local Down Syndrome listserve.  

 I  had to go to 3 different Target dollar sections to find the popcorn containers.  Some candy, a trip to Costco for movie tickets, and ta-da!  Teacher gifts are finished.  : )

Must wake Lila up or she'll be awake until midnight tonight.



  1. I am stealing your teacher ideas, they are so cute!
    Here's hoping her energy will bounce back ASAP!

  2. Oh yes, she's beautiful when she's sleeping, too. What a sweetie.

    Will be praying Thurs and following. I know that place takes a toll on you.

  3. I love it when you post, and I love to see the random day to day things like this! :)

    Love you!!