Is it that time already?

It seems as if we just dove into summer.............

And we are already having to wave goodbye.  : (

It was back to school for Miss Lila today.  

Two new teachers, all new friends.  So proud of her.  She was ready to go with her enthusiastic self, comforting  a little boy who wasn't quite as excited to be there as she was.

Her back to school funny?  Right as we were about to walk out the door I said, "Lila- did you go poop?"  She said, "Nope!  I don't smell it!"    Love her!

Update on everything else going on in our lives coming soon!  Right now it feels as if I'm about to hack up a lung so off to the doctor I go!



  1. The summer evaporated way too fast, didn't it?

    I never bookmarked you blog but now I have added it to my friends list and will be able to keep up with your beautiful girl!

    We have some similarities in our girls beginnings ... could not believe when I read that they thought you had a tubal.Very same thing happened to me. My numbers were sky high but no visible baby. High resolution at another facility showed all we needed to know and from there well, the rest is history.

    Lila is just so precious.Really and truly.

  2. She is so grown up! and beautiful. and hilarious. Can't wait to see you guys!

    Still waiting for that video....

    Hope you are already feeling better tonight and praying for a fast recovery.

  3. she is gorgeous! can't wait to hear more updates about your new news! do you have any potty training advice for me? I am about to jump in with the girls!