Pictures and some Random Musings...........

I'm going to pretend that we don't have a million and one things going on in this house and  post a few pictures.  : )    Here goes,  in no particular order.

My beautiful daughter-in-law picking tomatoes for dinner

Lila enjoying her favorite new snack with some stuffed friends

Lila pondering life before school one morning this week

Lila being her cute little self

A couple of blurry, happy, loving-life pictures of Lila on her trampoline!

Lila dancing with her glitter baton.
Three of my kids on the front steps

This weekend was a fabulous farewell-to-summer.   On Saturday we had a great time with Maggie's family at their traditional Labor Day weekend crab feast 

 While I was taking pictures of Lila at the crab feast she kept asking to take a picture of me.   I finally gave in and handed her my camera.  I am only posting this tired-looking picture of myself because I can't believe how well she does with my camera!  It's pretty heavy, and she took 3 out of 3 clear pictures!.  Go Lila!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and hanging out with friends.  We didn't get much work done this weekend but we had a great time!

It was back to work for Daddy and back to school for Lila today.   The weather is rainy and chilly, as if on cue.  Summer is ending.   We are right at the edge of  my favorite season.   Pumpkin fests, here we come!   

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Your hair is so long! And you look beautiful.

    I love the ones of her dancing with the baton. Concentrating so hard.

    Two weeks!

  2. I love these pictures! Seriously- they are awesome. Also the picture of you is great! Your hair is getting so long! And oh by the way, I really like your necklace, and earrings. :)

    Sad that I missed out on the Labor Day fun with y'all!

  3. Looks like a good weekend.
    Lila is so beautiful. That hair!