At least Santa looks good!

Here are a couple of photos from our Down Syndrome Holiday Party in Virginia.  (And perhaps one of the many reasons we didn't send out Christmas cards this year.)

Exhibit A:  Lexi's famous "Look, ma- I don't have any teeth" face.

Exhibit B:   Lila's equally famous "I want to hurt the photographer" face.

 I hope to get cards out by February- at this rate they will probably be "new address" cards.  Or we might wait until March when the adoption is final and we can announce Miss Lexi as an "official" member of our family.  It feels like she already is.   But in March the waiting period will be over, papers will be signed and we will have much reason to celebrate!

I will update soon- we have been very busy getting settled.  It hasn't all been pleasant but it will all work out!
Much Love~



  1. Well, you and Nick look great, personally I think better than Santa, and kids will be kids. It made for a cute post anyway.

    Yes, Lexi is already part of the family but I'm sure you will breathe a sigh of relief when you have those papers.

    Looking forward to that card!

  2. You got a blog makeover! I love it!

  3. literally LOL at the no teeth pic!!