Thoughts rolling around in my head...

I'm trying to get better at updating my blog.  
(I have so much catching up to do!)  
For now, an update on things in Colorado.  

We are still settling in. 
Tif and Lexi are both sick right now- 
thankfully Tif is on the mend 
and hopefully Lexi will be soon.  
As far as we know 
it's the first time she's ever been sick 
and she's not taking it very well.   
She's very congested 
so sleep isn't really happening for her. 
Last night I tried to sleep 
sitting up in bed while holding her
so neither of us slept very well. 
Poor little thing. 
She's pitiful.

In other news,  
Lila had her first "dance cwass" this afternoon
She loved it.
After dinner she played
her own version of cornhole 
until bedtime.  
She rocked it.   
Proof positive 
that we probably need to get out more!
I love how she's playing by the rules we set up for her 
using Lexi's cabbage patch doll
  as the line she had to stand behind.

 I've never had the pleasure of living by the mountains before.  
I totally get it now. 
I seriously doubt this will ever get old.
Yesterday it was so beautiful outside we didn't even need jackets. 
Snow on the ground and all. 
It's a little weird but awesome at the same time.

Lexi has been busy
refusing to eat baby food
pulling herself up from her tummy into a sitting position 
and learning to crawl. 

 Lila's just trying to get out of her way
Absolutely no idea what's going on here but 
this picture cracks me up
All in all, things are good. 
We have a meeting tomorrow 
with the assistant director of special education
to decide Lila's school placement. 
It looks like she will be headed to kindergarten
instead of preschool.   
We will take things one day at a time 
and see how things go. 

Last but not least
a very happy birthday
to my  silly son. 
Justin, you have brought so much joy into my life.  
So much adventure.  
You always keep me on my toes. 
I love your beautiful heart and 
the love that you have for others.  

Happy 24th birthday!  I love you!

Hugs from beautiful Colorado~



  1. I knew you'd love the mountains. And you are right, they never, never get old. We sat on the deck today and remarked several times how blessed we are. I'm so glad you are getting to enjoy some, too!

    Praying for Lexi, poor baby.

    Love all the pics! They are growing so much! Can't wait to see them. And you. And Tiff. And Nick. Love you guys!

  2. the mountains do rock! we are in Wyoming! and the sunsets never get old! hope everyone starts to feel better...and dance class look like it was a success! smiles