Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

On January 15, 2011
  This proud mama sat in a church sanctuary
watching her baby boy get married
with tears streaming down her face.
Across the country, at the very same time,
a baby girl was born.

A few months later,
the paths of those two families crossed 
in a way neither of them would have ever imagined.
A child who was born to one family
was destined to belong to the other. 

As I hold  this precious child
looking into her almond-shaped
violet-blue eyes, button nose
and perfectly shaped mouth
I realize I will have a hard time
doing her story justice.

Most of the story will never be shared publicly.
It is too private. Too sacred.
And it shall remain in that private, sacred space.
The rest of the story will be shared
after the adoption is final.

On January 15, 2012
We celebrated that beloved girl.
that joined our family when she was just a peanut.

Instantly adored, especially by her closest big sister.
The feeling was mutual.

Looking back, it's hard to believe the story is true.
That she was born the same day Justin and Maggie were married.
While the ceremony was taking place.

That little peanut?
Oh, how she has changed!

She is completely mobile now.
Crawling all over the place.  
Transitioning from crawling to sitting with ease. 
The girl that wants to be in the middle of everything.   
And lets you know if she is feeling the slightest bit left out.

The little girl who refuses baby food.  
She wants to eat what everyone else is eating.  
And don't try to fool her. 
She's not having it.

The little girl who is loved beyond measure.
And she knows it.

The little girl who has more spunk at the age of one 
than a lot of people have their entire life.

The little girl that loves to laugh.
And can cry on demand. 
Then she'll turn it off when she gets what she wants.
(Little actress.)

We celebrated her birthday

surrounded by some family
and new friends.

Ladybug style

poor little peanut, she hated this headband

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday Dear Lexi,
Happy Birthday to You!

She was not interested in
blowing out her candle.
Thankfully her sister
was all in.

She loved her cupcake!

Lila loved the cupcakes too!
She ate her entire cupcake like this:
Love her

Lexi had lots of help
opening her presents.

By the end of the night she was so sleepy
we could barely get a smile out of her

Lexi, we celebrate you.We celebrate who you are
and who you will become.
We are proud of your accomplishments
and know that you will continue
to blow us away

We love you to the moon and back.

Blessed Beyond Belief~



  1. Love love love this post, and our sweet Lexi girl!

  2. It truly is a beautiful sacred story. I still get chills when I think about how everything was connected. Hope Lexi had a great birthday. We miss you all....like crazy!!

  3. Beautiful girl, beatiful family!!!!! Happy Happy Birthday Lexi!

  4. Across the miles it is wonderful to connect with you and your family - what a doll Lexi is - I still wish you guys were around the corner ;-)

  5. Thanks for your nice comment. Both of your girls are beautiful. I love the cake pictures : )

  6. Love this! She is so adorable- I could not stop oohing and ahhing throughout. Happy Birthday to Lexi!!! oxox

  7. What a beautiful story! and wonderful celebration! Awesome! <3

  8. Darling darling party and the birthday girl is even cuter! Love that she shares Mia's birthday!