Sick Bay

I'm checking in from Sick Bay.  Tif had a stomach virus earlier this week and she still hasn't fully recovered.  Last night Lila started vomiting around 10:30pm.  Poor little thing.   She freaks out so badly- she doesn't want to get sick so she tries to stop it and ends up choking.  It's pretty scary.

Nick and I both ended up sleeping in her room with Tiffani right outside the door.   Thankfully she stopped vomiting about 6:30 this morning.  She was very weak today but seems to be much better this evening. 

We had lots of down time today.

Thankfully, Miss "I-have-an-immune-system-made-of-steel" is still doing well. 
"Who, me?"

One of her birthday gifts was an inflatable ball pit.  As she is crawling all over the place and getting into everything, I thought we could use it as entertainment/containment.  It worked!  For about 2 days. 

Then this happened:


She is one determined little girl.  It's amazing.  She never gives up, she just keeps trying.  After she succeeds, she gets so tickled.  It's adorable.



In the midst of it all we are still looking for a place to live.  It turns out the temporary house we are living in isn't in the school district we had chosen for Lila like we thought it was.  We found out that we are on the wrong side of the road that divides the districts.  Literally.  Less than half mile from the dividing line.

I cried. 

We thought it would be relatively easy to find another place in the district we originally chose but it hasn't exactly worked that way.  We'll keep looking and the right house will open up.   All in all, we are doing well.   Even though things have been a bit challenging we have no doubt that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. 

The scenery doesn't hurt at all.
photo courtesy of my niece Jaralei

I was working on Lexi's birthday post last night when Lila got sick.  I hope to finish it tomorrow evening.

Happy Weekend Everyone~



  1. Isn't the snow in the pines the best? There's nothing better. In my opinion.

    Thankful Lila and Tiffani are on the mend and praying no one else gets it.

    Love you guys!

  2. I hope Lila is feeling better soon!

    miss you.