A little peek into what's been going on with us.....

Busy, busy days
 full of therapies, wrapping up the school year,
 practicing for the upcoming dance recital, 
riding lessons, park visits, picnics, 
bubbles and more.  

 Lila has been very tired the past few days 
as she is at the end of her IVIG cycle.  
She is such a trooper, though.  
Sometimes she starts to fall asleep on the way to school 
and I watch her shake herself awake.  
She is always ready to learn, have fun, 
try new things and be a big helper with Lexi.  
 Even when she is under a blanket on the couch
 if I ask her to do something for Lexi 
she is usually willing to do it. 
 I love that.  
I love the bond that they share. 
Lexi knows it too.  
She will tug on Lila's skirt or her shirt (or her hair)  
because she knows that Lila will stop what she is doing
 and turn her attention to Lexi.  
 And while it probably seems in pictures like 
Lila is in control of every situation,
 Lexi often has the upper hand 
when the two of them are together. 
 It's quite amusing.  

 This girl can hold her own!

Especially when big sister is a bit vulnerable

 All that mischief can really wear a girl out!

 Lila always has her little sister's back and Lexi knows it.

It reminds me of another set of siblings I know!


I took the girls to see the Thunderbirds when
 they were in town to perform 
for the Air Force Graduation.   
That was an experience.  
It happens every year. 
This was my first time and this fact
became very obvious to me.  
I had the "perfect spot" picked out for us.   
Or at least I thought it was perfect
until we arrived and I  realized many others 
had also chosen that spot! 
 And they had been there for a while.   

When we drove up we saw that people 
had lined the street with their lawn chairs, picnics, binoculars and cameras.  

We settled for the parking lot of an office building 
 along with a few (hundred) other people.  
 We got settled with our picnic blanket, snacks and drinks.  That didn't last long.
After the first pass of the T-Birds both girls were crying because of the noise.  
I got them settled safely into their carseats 
and stood outside the car.  
 I managed to see the rest of the show
 and get a few shots.   
I'm not a photographer 
and I actually considered "borrowing" some pictures
 off of a local news website but decided not to.  

These are mine.  
What I experienced.  
And it was incredible.

The mountains in the background
made the show even better in my opinion.

President Obama was the speaker 
at the graduation ceremony.  
 I caught a picture of the T-birds
 showing off for his motorcade as
 it passed by on the highway.


A few shots from Lila's last day of school:

We are so proud of her!

 She stood with the combined kindergarten classes 
on the risers as they performed 3 songs, 
then sat down and waited for everyone 
to  receive their kindergarten diplomas

Here she is receiving her kindergarten diploma 
from her amazing teacher.  
 There are a few kids who are repeating kindergarten 
like Lila is and they were all included in this ceremony.  
 Love that.  
And that is Lila's better-than-awesome para
 sitting at the end of the risers.  
She's there if Lila needs her but she hangs back 
to give Lila her space and independence.  
Lila has grown so much because of this! 

Poor Lexi- she just wanted to take a nap 
but Lila wanted a picture with her

Lila and her music teacher- they adore each other!

Hanging out with friends at the reception after the ceremony.

So there you have it-  
a brief look into our life this past week.   
We also had visits from friends but
 I forgot to take pictures!

 Next post- pictures from my niece Denae's wedding.  
My parents had all of their children together after 13 years.  It was an amazing time and I can't wait 
to share the memories!

Until next time~


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  1. I love your posts so much. All the pics especially but also your way of sharing. Simply but informative.

    I especially love the pic of Lexi crashed, face down! Hilarious!

    Congratulations to Lila for doing so well in kindergarten!

    Anticipating that next post...