Father's Day 2012

Father's Day recap:
  We had biscuits and gravy for breakfast, 
 then Nick and Lexi took a nap
 and Lila hung out reading books while I made red sauce
 and marinated the steaks for dinner.   
Then we headed out to "Paint The Town" 
for a local Down Syndrome event.

  The activity was to paint a picture 
of an owl on a canvas.  
The girls were a bit young
 but we made it work!

Listening to an "owl" story
 outside in the courtyard.

And splashed among the unique creations 
were little pearls of wisdom.

What a fabulous place!   
We met some lovely people and had a great time. 

I can't wait to hang these up!

It will be a busy week.   
Tomorrow is the inspection of the house we are buying.   
Nick will be at the house with our realtor
and the inspector the entire time.  
The girls and I will head over 
after Tif is finished working.  
She hasn't seen the house yet! 
 I will try to get some pictures while we are there.  

Also, the house we are currently leasing 
is going back on the market tomorrow.  
And Lexi has OT.  
At least we won't be bored!

Last but not least we will find out 
what Lila's IGG levels were last Thursday 
when we went to get her IVIG treatment.  
 She wasn't able to get her treatment that day. 
There was no way to tell exactly how much
 treatment she had received the previous week 
and the pharmacist wasn't comfortable 
with "guessing" how much treatment to give her.  
The doctor will call tomorrow 
with her levels and a game plan. 

Wish us luck.  
Ever since Lila's surgery 
she has been on sensory overload.  
 We finally took her hospital bands off last night.  
She doesn't want us near her port.  
We need to take the bandage off but 
she seriously freaks out when we talk about it. 
 When she is changing her clothes she
 watches us as if she thinks we are going to
 sneak up on her and rip the bandage off.  
 She's on restricted activities right now 
so fighting with her to get the bandage off 
might not be a good idea.   
I will call the surgeon tomorrow and find out 
what she wants us to do.   
We may bring Lila in and have them 
take the bandage off.  
Unfortunately, we need extra people 
to hold her down.

 The good news is that we now have 
a prescription for EMLA cream
 so when it's time to access her port
 we will be ready. 

It will all work out.
We are blessed in so many ways and we know 
that these issues we are having
 are minor compared to the problems of others. 


Happy Fathers Day!   
 I am blessed to have an amazing dad.   
I am very proud to be his daughter. 
 I am also so thankful for my awesome husband 
who takes such good care of us every single day.  

We hope everyone had a great day today.
We sure did!


  1. so glad to hear that all of you guys are doing well and plugging along in your awesome lives out west. Thank the lord for EMLA cream! It is a life saver. I'm thinking of all of you and miss you all to pieces. Does there happen to be a small apartment connected to the house you are buying? lol hope to talk soon! When you get your new address shoot me an email since I have house warming fun gifts!

  2. I am so very grateful for your blog. How else would I get to keep up with the girls changes and growth. Beautiful pics and I loved the quotes and the fact you added them. Can't wait for pics of the house!

    Praying for Lila and her sensory issues and fear of her port. She'll get there in her own time. She always does!

  3. so happy to hear about your house!!! and oh my goodness, that last pic of lila- takes my breath away ! your girls are gorgeous, just like their mama:)