One year ago today.....

Dear Lexi,

One year ago today 
the dream of being your mommy 
became a very real possibility.

One year ago today
 I met you and your birth parents 
for the first time.

As we all spent time together
 over the weekend
 I knew without a doubt 
that I wanted to be your mom.

A lot has happened in the last year. 
 Everything has changed so much.
 I have changed so much.

One year ago today..........

 I could not have imagined 
how much I would care
 not only about your birth parents 
but your entire birth family.

 I could not have imagined how well
 you would fit into our family. 

 I could not have imagined the way Lila 
would embrace you from day one. 
 I could not have imagined 
how close you two would be. 

  I could not have  imagined how a baby that I
  didn't physically give birth to
could weave her way 
into my heart so completely.

I could not have imagined 
how much I would love you.

I love you, sweet girl.



P.S.  The adoption will be final soon 
(crossing my fingers) 
and I can hardly wait until we can announce 
that Lexi is "officially" our daughter.   
Until then, here's a sneak peek 
at the day we brought her home!


  1. What a fabulously sweet picture. We are glad she joined our family, too.

    Love you guys!

  2. and I am balling my eyes out!! So so so happy for you and your family. Love you guys