This sweet girl is having surgery tomorrow. 

 It's a port placement- minor surgery.   
But anytime your little girl is put under general anesthesia
 it doesn't feel that minor.  

We hate that she has to have a port at all 
but we are thankful that the port will make it so much easier 
for her to get her IVIG treatments. 
 And that is better for her in the long run!!

In other news~

Barring any unforeseen complications, 
we will be moving into a new house on July 13th.   
We are very excited about this 
and will be sharing more about it in the future.

We also hired an adoption attorney today!
 We are getting so, so close.   
We are currently waiting on my local police report.   
We submitted the requests on the same day- 
in the same envelope.   
Tiffani's arrived over a week ago, 
Nick's arrived last week 
and we are still waiting on mine.  
 I called the police station today to find out 
if there was a problem.   
There is not a problem but I think 
I might have gotten someone in trouble.  

The good news is my report will be mailed out tomorrow 
and we will be able to submit all of them
 and finalize the paperwork with our local agency.

This is good stuff.

Signing off to go to bed~
it will be an early morning with our sweet girl.
Prayers for a smooth procedure with no complications
and a speedy recovery are much appreciated!

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  1. Will have to check in on FB but was thinking about your sweet girl and was hoping the day went smoothly and was uneventful. Prayers from California.