I'm sitting here listening to Jason Aldean on Pandora,
 sipping red wine and looking at pictures.  
Thinking about how interesting life is.  
How good it is.
And right in the middle of stressful situations, 
we have moments.  
 Simple moments.  
The moments that make up 
the best things in life. 

Like hanging out at the park with my sweet girls.

Determined little mama

Giving our fair-skinned beauty a break from the sun!

"hanging out"

Making homemade popsicles

Spending time with the family

This week will be a busy one.
 Lila starts summer school this week 
but she won't be there much 
as she has her port placement procedure 
on Tuesday and the remainder of her
 IVIG treatment on Thursday.  
Thankfully she has a riding lesson on Monday
before all of the "fun" begins.  
She has to lay low for a few days
 after her port is placed so
 she will miss the first "dance cwass"
of summer session and will most likely miss 
Challenger baseball this Sunday.   

Our Lexi girl will have OT and PT this week.   
Not speech, because they don't have
 enough speech therapists right now.  
I will be making some calls to find out 
what the laws are concerning this.   
She qualified for speech with Early Intervention 
so I'm pretty sure they have a deadline
 to provide us with a speech therapist.  
 I feel my Mama Bear instincts kicking into full gear!

The adoption should be final very soon.  
 The adoption should be final very soon.   
The adoption should be final very soon.  
 I feel like a broken record!  
 Seriously, though.   
The adoption should be final very soon. 
There will be a party at the Nargi house on that day!!!!

We made an offer on a house tonight.   
Saying prayers, crossing fingers.  
We really, really want this house 
so we are hoping they accept our offer!

We have lots going on around here!   
In the midst of it all, we are still lovin' life.   : )

P.S.   I haven't forgotten about my family wedding post!   It will take some time to download and edit the pictures so I will try to get to it this week.   : )


  1. Love. Wow. Great post with pics! I especially like the one with Lexi on the round chair with her feet together and the one of Lila concentrating so hard as she fills the containers. Such beautiful girls!

    So glad the adoptions will be final soon. So glad the adoption will be final soon. SO GLAD!!! Wish we could be there to party with you but I know it WILL happen.

    Praying for all to go well with Lila this week and for speech to open up for Lexi without a battle.

  2. Wow! You have an awful lot going on. Good luck tomorrow with Lila's port placement. Let us know how it goes. Yes, there are laws regarding how long ECI has to provide services. That is exciting that the adoption will finally be final! Also, keep us posted on the housing situation! Beautiful pictures of two beautiful girls!