Take a Look at me now!!

I remember when some of Lila's little friends
 with Down Syndrome 
started walking way before she did.  
 Lila was actually the oldest one in our little group
 and I wondered
 if she was ever going to walk. 
 I will never forget the day
 when she really took off walking independently. 
 It was July of 2009, just two months shy 
of her third birthday.  
We were hanging out at Clemyjontri Park
 with my friend Annette and her girls. 
Lila  started walking a few days prior
 but she didn't have the confidence
 to take more than a few steps without finding
 something to hold on to.   
This day was different and I was so excited
 that I actually caught it on video.

I thought of that day today
 as I watched my little girl make her way
 up a climbing pole with little effort.

Woo hoo!  
 You've come a long way, baby!!!

Some other photos from our family park day:

Lexi update coming very soon!

1 comment:

  1. Go Lila go!! Watch out world.

    And that Lexi... I could just eat her up.

    You are so blessed.