My sweet girl decided to give herself a new hairstyle today. 

I was walking around with Lexi, who was very fussy, 
trying to get her to sleep. 
 She had just finished a bottle and she has reflux
so laying her down was not an option.  
While I was walking around Lila decided
 to grab some scissors from the "utility" drawer
 and cut her own hair 
while she watched Rapunzel.  

Oh, mama was mad. 


Mullet, anyone?  
 Lila's taking appointments!


  1. I think it is a bit ironic that she did it while watching Rapunzel. I am sorry, mama. She is going to look great with a bob.

  2. Oh's summer so having short hair will be a good thing :~)

  3. I'd be mad too! It's seems bad, do-it-yourself hair cuts are almost required for little girls, but I'm still hoping Claire doesn't do this!