A few months ago we found a house that we really wanted.  
And I mean REALLY wanted.  
It was a great house nestled in beautiful pine trees,
 out in the country but not too far from town,
 close to Lila's school, 
had an awesome little playhouse,
 a fabulous view of Pike's Peak, 
the list goes on.  

Oh, how we wanted that house.   
We made an offer on the house 
and the owners rejected our offer.   
We raised our offer and the owners 
took their house off the market.  
Sad face.  
It turns out they realized how much
 they loved their property so they decided 
to keep it.

The best part of the whole experience
 is that on one of our trips to look at the house 
we met a sweet girl who was taking care 
of the owner's horses.  
We found out that she gives riding lessons
 so I asked if she had room for Lila.  
She doesn't usually give lessons 
to kids as young as Lila but she was willing to give it a try.  
 I was so excited-  Lila loves horses so much.   
I was really hoping it would work out.  
Thankfully it did.

Our sweet girl gets more comfortable
 every time she rides.
She's totally in her element.  
She shines when she's on a horse.   
She's confident. 
It's quiet, peaceful
 and perfect for her.


I think we like watching her ride
 almost as much as she likes to ride! 

Sheer joy...
there is no mistaking it!

 We didn't get the opportunity to buy 
the house we thought was perfect for us.   
We found a house we like so much more.    
We are so thankful it didn't work out
 with the first one.

We weren't able to get Lila into the 
therapeutic riding center here in town. 
 But we are SOOOO happy 
with the way everything turned out! 

I'm learning that when something 
doesn't work out the way I wanted it to 
there is usually something better on the way. 

You have to hold on 
through the rough times 
and wait for the good stuff. 

Chances are,
 the good stuff is just around the corner.


  1. I love this so much. So well written and something I am reminded of often. Love you!

  2. I agree with Lex. So very well written. And I'm so happy for Lila! and that Lexi is so happy for her. What a smile that girl has!

  3. I was welling up seeing how much Lila is loving to ride. It makes my heart swell to think about finding the things that my kids really LOVE. The things that light up their eyes. I agree...often times I look back and think about how much more perfectly things worked out than the way I originally wanted them!

  4. She looks amazing on that horse!!! You can see from the pictures that she is so happy and at peace! Love her!! :)

  5. You can tell just how much Lila loves the horses! I am so happy that she is getting lessons :)

  6. Lila looks like such a lady! She is so old. I can't believe it. She grows more radiant every day. ...and Lexi still looks like a Muppet/Disney character and I love her all the more for it. What utterly different but completely wonderful little ladies!!! Can't wait to see them/you soon :)