Some days are like that....

Car rides have become very difficult for us.  
It has become very apparent
that Lexi does not like to ride in the car.  
She pretty much hates it.  
We have tried everything we know to do 
and have only found 2 things that work.   
We can either sing B-I-N-G-O non-stop 
(don't even think of taking a breath or a drink)
 or we can let her watch videos in the car.
 We have never allowed Lila to watch videos 
in the car unless we were on a trip.   
Times are changing.
Mama needs peace.
We all do.
After a particularly trying day yesterday 
where Lexi screamed, 
Lila cried even with her headphones on 
and I had a sore throat
from singing B-I-N-G-O , 
I gave in and put the portable DVD player
 in the car this morning. 
 Worked like a charm. 
We'll use it when we need it.

Yesterday was not a fabulous day.  
Thankfully today was much better. 

How cool is it that this doesn't make me even slightly nervous.

They have so much fun together!

As the saying goes,
the bad days make you appreciate
the good ones more.


  1. They are SOOOOOOO cute!!! Love the static hair! :)

  2. I hear you on the videos, Mama! I wasn't too keen on it either, but Madi does NOT like the car. We put on Signing Times videos so at least we feel like she is getting something educational out of it! :)

  3. Static hair!!!!! Ellie hates the car. It if is a longer ride--ie more than 30 minutes, Signing Time goes on. You do what you have to do, mama bear.

  4. Love the static hair! I'm glad you found a way to have some peace while you drive. I used to have to sing "She'll be coming 'round the mountain" to Corrie, and I am glad she's over that now.

  5. Go for it I say! We've been on a roadtrip for a week and a half and Cora has watched Signing Time videos a hundred times by now. But man it works! Tell Lexi that Cora wants her hairdo!

  6. Holy static. Love it! And I love the picture where Lila is making Lexi laugh so hard it looks like she can't breathe... what splendid sisters. And way to be flexible, Lama. It's more important to do what you need to for your babies and your sanity than cling to previous parenting behaviors. Hope that makes sense. I think you're doing great :) See you in a few months!!!