Dear Lexi~

Guess what?
Your daddy talked to our attorney 
tonight and found out that everything
 is on track for next Monday,
October 15th, 2012.
 Our court date for your 
adoption finalization. 

What's that?  
Why did it take so long?

Well, we moved right in the
middle of the adoption, remember?  
That definitely held things up a bit.  
There were also a few other complications 
but nothing too major.

These things take time! 
  The good news is, we're almost there!
  I know, it's making me cry too.
This time next week we will be having a celebration!  
That's good stuff.

I'm happy too, sweet girl.

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  1. Love it. Great job, Linda! I am so excited, with you and thankful it's almost completed.