Spread your love everywhere you go...

This quote has always been 
near and dear to my heart.  
The longer I am on my journey in life 
the more I am beginning to understand 
what Mother Teresa meant 
when she said those words.   
We all need to do our part. 
 Most importantly, 
we need to do our part with love.

There was a time when I stopped blogging 
because I was constantly comparing 
my blog posts
 to the posts of other bloggers. 

 I felt like my writing wasn't good enough. 
My stories weren't interesting enough.  
And while I absolutely love taking pictures
I have no idea what I'm doing
and my pictures reflected that. 

I was so busy comparing myself to others
 I was forgetting to do my part.

A friend of mine shared 
some encouraging words with me. 
 She said...

 Nobody else can tell your story
like you can.
  Nobody else can share your heart 
in the same way you can. 
Nobody has experienced the 
exact things you have experienced.  
Nobody else has the opportunity 
to touch the same lives you touch.

 In other words~
if I'm not letting my light shine
and sharing my love, 
it's possible that nobody will fill that void.
 And while my light may not shine as far 
or be as bright as other lights,
 nobody can shine my light but me.

Nobody can shine your light but you.

You are where you are for a reason. 
Shine your light.
Spread your love.
Do your part.


  1. Boy, am I ever glad you finally figured all that out. I can't wait for all the posts that are coming!!

    I love your posts, your pics, your heart, your attitude and all the love you share. You have so much to offer and I pray you start understanding that and realizing how much we all love you and love hearing from you.

    And I just love you. All of you!

  2. I love this post!!!!!!!

    Shine that light, mama!!!

  3. You don't know me, but I read your blog regularly. I'm so glad that you continue to write...I LOVE reading about your beautiful girls. Love their pics too !

    Danette F.