A Happy Halloween, indeed!

I'm trying to catch up on blogging.  
 And life.  
 Today is a great day to do that! 
 I'm sitting here with an icepack on my knee
 because I have a sprained ligament
and a displaced kneecap.   
Yesterday I was on 
my feet too much
 (big shock there)
 and my knee gave out on me 
when I was carrying Lexi down the stairs.  
Thankfully I was able to keep Lexi safe 
but I can't say the same for my knee!  
Thanks to the help of Nick, 
Tif and Uncle Edward
 I have been able to take it easy. 
 I'm not exactly loving this.
There's a reason my husband
calls me by my dad's name.
 I hate sitting still!!!

Here is my reality for the next 6 weeks.
My blog overhaul
should be finished soon.
I am excited to share
our adoption story
as the first post!

Until then, I'll try to catch up
on what we've been doing lately.

Halloween was a perfect day.
Which is weird.
Holidays make me a bit anxious.
and Lexi has her own
little sensory issues.
Anything out of the ordinary 
can set them off a bit.

Not to mention that we have
spent the last two Halloween evenings
with the same friends in Virginia 
so Lila kept asking 
when we were going to see them.

      Lila had a party at school
and she was supposed to
dress like a character
out of a storybook.
She chose Snow White.
She actually dressed up
in this costume 3 years ago.
It's a keeper.
Tilt your head to see this blurry photo.
I'm not sure who took it.
Pretty sure it was me.
I was excited because
Lexi and I were invited 
to the party too!
Keep that head tilted.
Same photographer.
The party was a big success.
I was so proud of Lila.
She did all the projects
and played all of the games.

She sat still during story time.
Hopefully I have blurred
the other kid's faces enough
as I don't have permission to
post their photos.
great part of the day?
The people at Lila's school
love Lexi too!!

This is Lila's music teacher.
She loves both of our girls!

After school Lila had a riding lesson.
And Lex had a great time 
playing in the dirt
outside the arena.
After riding we had to hurry home and
get dressed up in our costumes so 
we could go trick-or-treating with our friends.

We were having so much fun we
didn't take that many photos.
Thankfully we got a few.


  1. I love that picture of Lila cradling Lexi's head in the last one. So sweet, helping her put her head-thingy on that way! Love those girls. And I love that you let Lexicon play in the dirt. She looks so happy :) See you pretty things soon!!

  2. Love all the pictures!! Claire brought home one of those toilet paper pumpkins too. :)