I'm crying Uncle.  
For a little while at least.

I have been working on the adoption post
 for over a month and I'm still not finished.  
When you've had a little girl 
in your home for over a year 
waiting for an adoption to be finalized
it should be easy 
to just whip out an adoption post.
Not so much.
It  has been very emotional for me.  
I've done a lot of research.
About open adoption. 
 About birth parents.  
 I want to make sure I do it right. 
So it will have to wait for a bit.  
I apologize.  

 I have wanted to blog
but didn't because 
I said the adoption post 
would be the first post
after my blog makeover.  
I lied. 
 I'm sorry.

For now I'm going to blog about 
the stuff I can handle.  

Small town winter star-lighting festivals. 

Two little girls who adore each other.  

Daddies who take the time 
to dance with their babies.  

Wonderful Thanksgiving trips. 
(this one will take an entire post)
Bonfires in the backyard. 

I want to brag about our baby girl who loves
to communicate through sign language 
as much as she loves to eat.
And that's a lot.

Hey, can you hold this for me? 
I'd like to help myself to some of your food.

Seriously, though...
I want to blog about 
treating birth parents 
with respect.

I want to tackle some topics
that are tough for me
to talk about.

How Sensory Processing Disorder 
can take a good day and make it a bad day. 
In a hurry.

How my heart feels like it is being
ripped apart because there is so much fighting
in the Down Syndrome community right now.

So I'm going to.

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  1. Good for you. Go for it! Waiting for when you have time and feel you are ready. I love you.